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    Everything You Need to Know to Hire a best makeup artist in bangalore for Your Wedding Day But Were Afraid to Ask!

    Everything you require to know about employ a makeup artist for your wedding can be summarised into 10 easy questions.

    Brides, brides-to-be as well as any maids of honour who have been assigned the responsibility of choosing an experienced makeup artist for their best makeup artist in bangalore Please follow these brief and easy bridal beauty questions prior to making a decision to hire. These questions will help brides save time, money and pain on the day of the wedding by avoiding hiring a non-professional makeup artist.

    1. Referrals! Get references from brides who have been happy!
    2. Find out if the product you use as foundation has a color key for film and lighting . Remember, lighting, tungsten, fluorescent light, and natural light provide the same foundation with four different shades on your face.
    3. Request a contouring treatment for your face.
    4. What is the best way for the artist to hide any flaws?
    5. What do you think of the lipstick? Yours? Hers? What can you do to help with the touch-ups?
    6. Trial runs are an absolute must! Do not hesitate to insist on it!
    7. Take a photo of your trial run, using the same camera style as your wedding day will be documented with, whether celluloid or digital. Do not use polaroid’s.
    8. Longevity: temperature sensitive lighting, sweat and stress How will the product last?
    9. Sign a contract detailing the timings of arrival and departure as well as the number of guests services to be provided, and the total price of the services, signed by a payment before your wedding day.
    10. What is the primary makeup style and education background?

    There are numerous important bridal beauty questions you should ask when interviewing an experienced makeup artist. Do not be afraid of the appearance of a portfolio or website. You have questions that are specific to the location of your wedding or theme and the bridal gown you’ll be sporting and investing thousands of dollars in an expert photographer to capture the moments captured in photographs throughout your wedding. It’s your wedding, therefore act as if it’s your wedding!