An Overview of the Dragon Match Megaways

iSoftBet go away from the African savannah of Majestic Megaways and back into familiar terrain with their third Megaways powered slot, Dragon Match Megaways. The exotic Far East is a consistent motif across iSoftBet’s catalog. In case you hadn’t guessed from the name, iSoftBet’s Dragon Match slot machine has an Asian theme. Even though Dragon Match Megaways uses a modified version of Big Time Gaming’s renowned engine, it manages to take a startlingly new look at familiar tropes.

Dragon Match’s aesthetic is decidedly Asian. It all begins with the setting, which is characteristic of those mystical places where craggy mountain peaks rise up out of the fog. The center ground features one of those beautiful red bridges that don’t go anywhere in a manicured Chinese garden but are ideal for taking couple’s photographs on. The pagoda-like frame that houses the reels is adorned with intertwined golden dragons. Haters of Asian aesthetics will have an easy time finding fault with iSoftBet’s efforts, and the relaxing Chinese score is the cherry on top. If you’re looking for a sensory feast, try out these Asian-themed slot machines.

As your attention shifts from the furnishings to the grid, you’ll see that iSoftBet has removed two reels from the standard Megaways arrangement. That’s why there are just 4 reels in the main gaming area of Dragon Match Megaways. In addition, the number of symbols on the horizontal reel located above the primary reels has been reduced from four to two. There are a maximum of 3,136 possible winning combinations, with the 4 main reels each holding between 2 and 7 symbols. In other words, significantly less than typical.

Matching symbols on adjacent reels, left to right, on any row, will constitute a winning combination. Even though the grid size has increased, the cascade effect is still activated if a winning combination appears. The winning symbols are removed from the reels and replaced by new symbols falling into the empty spaces. Get it moving, and numerous winners are able to connect together on a single spin.

The fewer reels there are, the less symbols there will be, but there will still be at least 10. A cluster of 10-A royals, embellished with neat little Asian embellishments start off the regular symbols. After that comes the higher earning tiles, which include a dragon as the top tile and others such as a drum, blue ornament, flower, and gold. Only three and four card combinations are possible, with a sizable value gap between them. For example, the payout for four of a kind in dragon is twenty times the wager, but the payout for three of a kind is only two times the wager. The dragon is the wild, and it can replace any other symbol except the Dragon Match scatter (which we’ll get to in a moment).

Megaways: Dragon Match Features

There aren’t a ton of bells and whistles in Dragons Match Megaways; there are only two major additions. It’s called the Dragon Match feature, and it activates at random whenever two identical symbols appear on the horizontal bonus reel. All instances of the triggering symbol in the two hot spot reels below go wild when this occurs.

Two Dragon Match scatter symbols anywhere on the bonus reel will activate the second feature, a round of free spins. In typical Blueprint Gaming form, the bonus game will allow players to customize its rules and volatility upon release. There are a total of four possibilities, and anyone familiar with Buffalo Rising Megaways will feel right at home here. Choices include:

There will be 12 free spins with a multiplier of x1 to begin with.

There will be 8 free spins with a multiplier of x3 to begin with.

With the initial multiplier set at x5, you get 5 free spins.

Speculative Picking a haphazardly assembled set.

For those who enjoy taking chances, there is a fourth gamble that can net you anywhere from five and twelve free spins with a multiplier of one and five, respectively. It can be a good thing to be left with 5 spins and the x1 multiplier, but it can also be very frustrating.

When you trigger the bonus, you’ll find that it works similarly to the bonuses in other Megaways games, with the win multiplier increasing by one with each winning cascade. In addition, if there are two Dragon Match scatter symbols visible in the middle reel, it will award an additional five free games.

Although iSoftBet has logged many flight hours to Asia, they still managed to get a few details wrong in their most recent Megaways slot. Although there is nothing particularly novel about the bonus round, it is still enjoyable to have several distinct free spin alternatives. Dragon Match is a nice bonus as well, even if it isn’t particularly reliable. Regarding this topic specifically, premium symbols are also a little reserved. However, Dragon Match Megaways does have a unique twist. You don’t come across too many 4 reel slots which aren’t choking on fruit symbols, thus a Megaways choice might appeal to certain players.

Unlike Majestic Megaways, which follows the template set by other Megaways slots to a tee, Dragon Match Megaways shakes things up a bit. Megaways, in and of itself, emerges as a major victor in this scenario. Dragon Match Megaways is another illustration of the engine’s adaptability, with fewer reels and modified combo lengths and values.

However, aficionados of the Megaways platform may find iSoftBet guilty of underutilizing the platform, and gamers who aren’t already enamored with the engine likely won’t be won over. However, its case will be bolstered when slot players learn that it has a packing potential of 10,000x or more. In the end, Dragon Match Megaways isn’t a terrible game, and we’re impressed by iSoftBet’s recent shift in focus.






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