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    Why You Should Create a “Landing Page” to Massively Increase Your Profit Affiliate Marketing!

    A majority of people steer clear the idea of creating their own websites in the case of affiliate marketing comes up. They believe it costs too much or is too difficult, or takes too long to be worth the effort. They could not be further from the truth.

    I tried a few tests in the last few days. I’ve started to promote Provillus that is an all-natural, herbal preventative of hair loss and regrowth treatment. Provillus is a hot cakes (it can be purchased in Market Health) https://vipacc.id if you know what you’re doing.

    First, I tried the direct link to this. I created an Google AdWords campaign using 1000 keywords and a budget of 300 dollars per day. Because I paid $2 per click, I was able to get 150 clicks per day all of which came to the affiliate links I had set up. My conversion rate was 1percent, which is 1.5 sales per day. The average sale price was $90, which is $135 per day. That means I lost an average of $175 per day.

    I put the campaign on hold for a week while I created a an easy landing page. When I say”basic,” I’m referring to the most basic. It consisted of just three pages: my sales copy as well as my contact me page and a set of terms and conditions. At the close of the week I had a deficit of $1375.

    Then, at the beginning of the week following I launched my same campaign and had people come to the new page. The conversion rate was increased to 5%, which is 7.5 sales for $90. A day’s profit of $375.

    As you can observe, landing pages will yield amazing results. It is so simple to create a be laughing.

    Did you not know that Google offers a service called “Google Sites”. They provide an simple template that allows you to create a website and host it at no cost. It is only necessary to pay an amount for domain names which is about $8 per year!

    I’ll write posts in the near future on advertising copywriting, but in the end it’s a breeze to get your own website operating. My site took just about a week, as I manage 16 websites. I only devoted 30 minutes per day to get the website up and running.

    Why do landing pages work so well? Because you can design them as a review website. You’re providing unbiased information without any obvious benefit for you. Visitors arrive on the product pages after they read the review , and are significantly more likely to buy. A well-designed landing page is the thing that separates those who are new from the pros.

    Do not stress about making your landing page just right. It will be a matter of the time and effort. Take action now and begin training today.

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    Make Your Landing Page Soar

    “Good things, even if they’re short are twice as great.” ~ Baltasar Gracian, The Art of Worldly Wisdom

    Wow! You’ve opened the doors to your business (albeit through the internet) You’re anxiously waiting for that first purchase. You are waiting… for a while, and then wait… until, after two weeks, nothing’s been done. Whoa! Let’s take a moment to think about what’s the matter? Why aren’t people flocking to your site to buy the most recent and best shag shiner or any other product or service you might be selling?

    Before you begin re-designing your website https://bigwin.id in general in order to spend thousands of hard-earned bucks on fresh graphics, designs, and so on. What is your homepage or landing page telling about your business? Do you have it obvious from the moment your visitor’s eyes land on your homepage which products or services do you offer? Perhaps you’ve done what I refer to as the’song and dance online writing technique where you’ve employed a plethora of floral elegant prose however all you’ve done make the reader confused until they are left with no clue what you can provide? I’ve come across hundreds of these websites that I’m certain you, an avid internet surfer have seen too. They’re the ones with incredible flash animations, as well as surreal voice-overs inviting visitors in to “LaLaLand” and dazzle your eyes with vibrant images that dance on the screens. However, even when the lights that flash have dimmed it is still necessary to include text for the viewer to digest and in crystal clear language in particular or your potential customer is heading to another site that dances in the same way than you can say “Ptizlefik.’

    The home page or landing page of any site which aims to sell e-commerce must be as perfect as a well-prepared as well as baked souffle. A single bad ingredient or even a few jumping jacks when the souffle is cooking will result in you’re dumping all the hard work you put into the kitchen trash can. For the website you have created, no clicks means no sales. Here are 3 easy methods to make sure the landing page offers “eye candy” and provides information at the same time:

    1. Be clear and concise. Whatever industry you’re involved operating, make it clear in the first paragraph. Don’t leave the reader guessing or, worse yet make assumptions about what the way you conduct business as everyone knows where the wonderful word “assume” could lead to, right? If your reader can’t discern what your business is all about in five seconds, then I’m sure you’ve lost them. They’ll be going to the next company they come across in their search lists.

    2. Give the customer a free sample of your products. You wouldn’t purchase a car unless you had test drives, do you? Offer your prospective customers on the internet the same offer. Offer a portion of your services or products for free , because everyone loves the idea of receiving freebies. If it’s a report for free that is directly related to your products or services or a no-cost trial of your product the offer you made will have made a fantastic warm and fuzzy impression. It’s true that online first impressions do make a difference!

    3. Be aware of your adjectives Be careful with your adjectives! Remember my post the importance of using flattering, flowery words? I consider this kind of text a “fluff filler” that is created by those who enjoy putting in reams of useless words just to make ink marks on the pages (or in this instance your computer’s screen). Be aware of the adjectives you choose to utilize and make sure you use them correctly! Words that are overused and worn-out like ‘fantastic, amazing extraordinary, wonderful, etc. should be used sparingly , and not repeated repeatedly. Once the reader has read the word “fabulous” at least 35 times, they could begin to see your company and its products as being ‘frivolous.’ When I write content for websites for my clients I try to use as little words as I can on their home/landing pages and to add the most information I can in the most simple method that is possible.