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    Professional Tips for Bridal Makeup

    Every girl dreams of looking like a princess on her wedding day. In this article, I will be discussing bridal make-up in Malaysia. Applying bridal makeup in Malaysia is a delicate task due to the humid climate. You want to be glamorous but also beautiful. If not done correctly, make-up can dramatically alter a person’s appearance and personality.

    Airbrush Milani Cosmetics to brighten skin in seconds is one of the many types of bridal makeup available in Malaysia. You can expect flawless skin if you work with an Airbrush-certified make-up artist. Airbrush makeup is light-weight makeup that is applied using an airgun machine. It creates a matte finish and produces a thin layer of makeup. Airbrush makeup is very hard to transfer, so it’s important to maintain a flawless complexion for hours.

    Mineral base makeup is another popular type of bridal make-up in Malaysia. Mineral base make up is suitable for all skin types and easy to use. Mineral make-up can be a problem when used for photography. The light from the camera, and any surrounding lights, will reflect off the minerals making your face appear whiter than the rest of your body. Mineral make-up is great for everyday use, but not for weddings in Malaysia.

    A professional and skilled make-up artist can help you with your make-up preparations for your wedding day. Do not use colors that are too different from the theme of the wedding. It will make it look unprofessional. Although your bridal make-up does not have to match your gown, it is important that you follow the color code for applying make-up.

    Remember to reflect your personality. Your wedding day should be special and elegant. But not just that. Wear purple and plum colors if you are romantic. Wear pinks and peaches if you’re light-hearted, fun and easy going. The worst thing that could happen on your wedding day is for your guests to not be able to recognize you. Have fun, and remember to use these tips for your next wedding.