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    Afro Hair and Beauty Tips For Black and Ethnic Skin

    Are you preparing for your wedding? Do not leave your beauty and skin care to the last minute! Your skin will notice the cooler, dryer atmosphere of the cooler months now that summer is over. Particularly black skin reacts badly to dry, cold weather. These are the steps to help your makeup artist create a beautiful canvas for his or her work.

    First, you need to exfoliate your skin. You can’t just ignore the dead skin around your neck and face. It will only accumulate dead skin cells on your new skin, causing discolouration, rough skin, and pale skin. If your skin isn’t allowed to breathe, it could cause blocked pores or blackheads. This is a crucial step for those with black skin. Dead skin can cause unsightly blotching.

    Condition. Conditioning is not only for the hair. Afro Caribbean/African brides must condition their skin. Sometimes hormones can alter how our skin reacts. Use natural products, not just a hint. This will condition your skin, and provide natural protection against the elements. You can use oils with Vitamin E, or supplement it if you don’t have any.

    Moisturise. Only a light moisturizer is necessary if your skin has been well conditioned. Make sure it is water-based. You can also invest in simple, natural products to moisturize your skin. This can be done daily up until your wedding; in fact, it should be done every day.

    Purify. Start steaming your face or going to the sauna near the wedding. This will help you get rid of impurities and ensure a flawless wedding day. It is also great for stress relief. Avoid greasy and sweet foods, and drink more water than you normally do. We don’t want any impurities to show up on your big day.

    If you’re getting married in the next 12 months, make sure to book your hairdresser and makeup artist! Professional Makeup Artistry Group that specializes in Makeup for Dark Skin. Look for a company that specializes in Afro Bridal Hairstyles. You can search for bridal makeup for black skin to find specialists who will help you choose the right style.

    Look for a company that has artists available to do live TV shows, TV Brides, Brides Magazines, and Catwalks and Theatre shows. To ensure that the artist is skilled to your satisfaction, identify images you like and book early!