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    Why You Should Create a “Landing Page” to Massively Increase Your Profit Affiliate Marketing!

    A majority of people steer clear the idea of creating their own websites in the case of affiliate marketing comes up. They believe it costs too much or is too difficult, or takes too long to be worth the effort. They could not be further from the truth.

    I tried a few tests in the last few days. I’ve started to promote Provillus that is an all-natural, herbal preventative of hair loss and regrowth treatment. Provillus is a hot cakes (it can be purchased in Market Health) https://vipacc.id if you know what you’re doing.

    First, I tried the direct link to this. I created an Google AdWords campaign using 1000 keywords and a budget of 300 dollars per day. Because I paid $2 per click, I was able to get 150 clicks per day all of which came to the affiliate links I had set up. My conversion rate was 1percent, which is 1.5 sales per day. The average sale price was $90, which is $135 per day. That means I lost an average of $175 per day.

    I put the campaign on hold for a week while I created a an easy landing page. When I say”basic,” I’m referring to the most basic. It consisted of just three pages: my sales copy as well as my contact me page and a set of terms and conditions. At the close of the week I had a deficit of $1375.

    Then, at the beginning of the week following I launched my same campaign and had people come to the new page. The conversion rate was increased to 5%, which is 7.5 sales for $90. A day’s profit of $375.

    As you can observe, landing pages will yield amazing results. It is so simple to create a be laughing.

    Did you not know that Google offers a service called “Google Sites”. They provide an simple template that allows you to create a website and host it at no cost. It is only necessary to pay an amount for domain names which is about $8 per year!

    I’ll write posts in the near future on advertising copywriting, but in the end it’s a breeze to get your own website operating. My site took just about a week, as I manage 16 websites. I only devoted 30 minutes per day to get the website up and running.

    Why do landing pages work so well? Because you can design them as a review website. You’re providing unbiased information without any obvious benefit for you. Visitors arrive on the product pages after they read the review , and are significantly more likely to buy. A well-designed landing page is the thing that separates those who are new from the pros.

    Do not stress about making your landing page just right. It will be a matter of the time and effort. Take action now and begin training today.