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    How to Get a Huge Edge with the We1Win Line

    It amazes me that so many people don’t understand We1Win lines and still invest a lot of money in it. This article will show you how to comprehend a sports betting line, so that you can have an advantage over others who don’t. Here is an example of a MLB betting line.

    Seattle Mariners +300

    New York Yankees –280

    This means that New York Yankees are more likely to win than the Seattle Mariners. Many people believed the opposite. I’ve spoken to many. This means that you would only win $28 if $100 was placed on the Yankees. If you placed $100 on the Mariners to win, you’d make $300. Bettors who bet on the underdog would make much more. The underdog is less likely to win.

    These lines are important to understand and analyze quickly to find the best bets. If you want to be a better online sports player, it is essential that you understand these lines.

    If you’re trying to learn everything through experience, it can be slow. You can learn from people who have achieved great success, like I did. It doesn’t have to be hard and frustrating. There is an easier way.

    You can save time and money by creating autopilot systems. Click the link to receive a FREE report. It will reveal the key sports betting secrets that will increase your chances of winning.

    Sport betting has been proven to win
    There is plenty of money available. It is possible to make money by placing bets and winning. If you have the advantage and strategy to your side, you can make the most of it. It is not enough to know the secrets of sports betting. You also need the right strategy. Only then will you be able make a lot of money from We1Win. More than half of those who gamble in sports tend to lose than win. They are simply playing a guessing game, and don’t have a strategy to win while betting.If you want to win a lot of money, managing your bankroll is essential. This will help you keep track of how much money you have won and how much money you can afford. This is the core of your strategy and must be in place.
    Multiple sports book accounts will help you get the best possible line. It would be obvious that even one cent can make a big difference. You should have multiple sport books accounts to ensure you have as many options as possible.
    Last, but not least, you shouldn’t expect returns if you don’t know everything about the sport you are placing your bets on.
    Next, click the link below for more tips and tricks that will increase your profits in sports betting.



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    American Themes Microgaming 5-Reel slot gacor Casino Slots

    The most popular slot gacor entertainment is slot machines, both in land-based casinos as well as online gambling sites. Microgaming is the leading software provider in the online gambling sector. It has released over 200 slot machines over the last decade. Each slot has its own theme. These themes range from science fiction, chocolate, and high society. This article summarizes ten Microgaming 5-reel slot machines that feature American themes. These include Flying Circus and Golden Goose Totem Treasure, Little Chief Big Cash and Mardi Gras.

    Bars & Stripes, a 5-reel and 25-payline slot casino game with a patriotic American theme, has five paylines. You will find plenty of red, green, and blue. You will find colorful graphics such as the Statue Of Liberty, hot dogs and apple pie, cookies, and a delicious Thanksgiving turkey. Bars & Stripes takes coins from $0.01 up to $1.00. The maximum number of coins you can wager per spin is 250. The jackpot top prize is 50,000 coins.

    Five Reel Drive, a 5-reel, 9-payline video slot that features a drive-through theme, has a total of 9 paylines. Five Reel Drive’s graphics feature a pink hotrod, cheese burgers and french fries, blueberry pie and coffee and doughnuts as well as soda and a yellow hotrod. Five Reel Drive takes coins from $0.10 up to $10.00. The maximum number of coins you can wager per spin is 9. The jackpot top prize is 10,000 coins.

    The circus is coming to town! Flying Circus is a video slot that features the Big Top and has a 5 reel, 20 payline feature. Flying Circus is where Coco the Clown and the Ringmaster are waiting for you. You could win up to $100,000 if you play your slots correctly.

    Golden Goose Totem Treasure, a 5-reel and 20-payline video slot machine about red Indians or squaws, has a total of 20 paylines. Golden Goose Totem Treasure offers 4 bonus games: Money or the Egg (Golden Egg), Golden Reels, Money or the Egg (Golden Egg), Pick a Card (Golden Reels), and Golden Egg. Win combinations are created when there are three or more Wild Squaw symbols anywhere on the pay-line. Three symbols pay $40, four symbols pay $1,000, and all five Wild Squaw symbol pay $12,000.

    The 5-reel, 25-payline video slot Little Chief Big Cash has a Native American theme. It was launched in January 2008. You can deposit coins as low as $0.01 up to $0.50. The maximum number of coins you can wager per spin is 500. The jackpot top prize is 6,000 coins.

    Mardi Gras fever is a 5-reel and 20-payline video slot with a New Orleans Mardi Gras theme. It was launched in February 2008. Mardi Gras Fever takes coins from $0.01 up to $0.50. The maximum number of coins you can wager per spin is 200. The jackpot top prize is 2,000 coins.

    Moonshine, a popular 5-reel and 25-payline video slot with a hillbilly theme, is very popular. Moonshine is the place where you’ll encounter a gun-crazy granny and the county sheriff. Moonshine takes coins from $0.01 up to $1.00 and you can only bet 125 coins per spin. The jackpot top prize is 8,000 coins.

    The Grand Circus video slot has a circus theme and is available on 5-reel, 20-payline machines. It was launched in August 2007. You can deposit coins from $0.01 up to $1.00 at the Grand Circus. The maximum number of coins you can wager per spin is 200. The jackpot top prize is 1,000 coins.

    Based on the award-winning TV show, The Osbournes 5-reel 20 payline video slot is called Osbournes. It was launched in September 2007. You can deposit coins between $0.01 and $0.50 at the Osbournes. The maximum number of coins you can wager per spin is 200. The jackpot top prize is 15,000 coins.

    Vinyl Countdown, a 5-reel and 9-payline video slot has a 50’s rock’n’roll theme. Vinyl Countdown brings back memories of downtown diners and wingtip shoes as well as banana splits, milkshakes and jukeboxes. Combinations of two or more Vinyl Countdown symbols at the pay-line can create winning combinations. Two symbols pay $5, three symbols pay $50, four symbols pay $500, and five symbols pay $1,000.

    These are ten Microgaming 5-reel slot machines with American themes. Playing slots online or in a casino on the ground is fine, but only gamble with money you can afford. You should decide beforehand how much money you want to spend and what your limit is in case you lose. Have fun, and don’t lose sight of the goal.

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    How to Avoid Constant Bad Beats Online Poker

    Many players have a problem with constant bad beats when playing poker, especially online. While many will argue that a bad beat is part of poker, the truth is that losing repeatedly to inferior hands is not part of the game. If you experience a steady stream of losses in online poker, it is worth looking at the software used by the sites.

    There are many theories about why bad poker beats occur. However, one factor is certain that it will end all of them. Bad beats in live poker are much less common than they are in online play. It will happen occasionally, but it is not uncommon to see it so frequently. This raises the question of whether the software that controls online poker sites is somehow flawed.

    Recent research has shown that the software used to run poker online makes it more difficult to beat. It was also found that the frequent bad beats in poker online are not intentional. Instead, it is an error made by software programmers to make the game fair.

    Online poker sites created an environment where the best hand has an advantage. These algorithms have an adverse effect on the game and create constant bad beats online poker.

    There is an easy way to overcome the constant bad beats online poker. This is by learning to recognize the patterns that these algorithms use. You can avoid bad beats online by learning how the software works and recognizing the patterns.

    Online poker should be treated as any other computer-generated game. Players who want to win at online poker must understand the inner workings and limitations of poker sites’ software. You will be able to win more online poker games and become a better player if you have a good understanding of these programs.

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    All About Casino Gambling Online

    Online casino gambling is a perfect combination of online casino games and the internet. It’s the most popular way to gamble and play. While many enjoy the thrill of playing at Los Vegas’s most prestigious casinos, it is not practical to visit them. You are unlikely to be on a relaxing holiday cruise, and you certainly won’t travel all the way from Los Vegas to visit your favorite casino. It can be time-consuming to drive to the nearest casinos. Casino gambling online can satisfy your gambling cravings. All the excitement and fun of casino gambling online is at your fingertips.

    Online gambling has seen a dramatic increase in popularity over the past few years. Online casino gaming has become a multi-billion dollar business with players from all corners of the globe. There are three types online casino gaming websites. The first is web-based, where players don’t need to install any software on their computers to play online casino games. You only need to register at the casino gambling website. They can click on any online casino game and it will load via their browser in Flash or Java depending on which program they are using. This mode is the most preferred choice for online gamblers.

    You can also download downloadable casino gambling online. This allows players to install the software on their computers before they can start playing. This is preferred by many players as it makes online casino games much more efficient once all required files have been downloaded to local computers. LIVE casinos are the newest type of online casino game. Online players can interact with and even place bets with real dealers in a LIVE casino.

    It’s difficult to tell the real ones from the fakes online casino sites, as there are so many. However, there are a few things you can do to help you choose a reliable casino gambling site. Payout percentages and bonuses offered by the site are important. The payout percentages at some of the most reputable casinos range from 97% to 98%. Bonuses can also range from $200 to 3200. Online casino sites often offer no-deposit bonuses. This means that players don’t need to deposit any money into their accounts and can get the bonus money immediately. This business trick is only available for a short time to lure players to the online casino gambling sites.

    Another type of bonus is the Welcome or First-time bonus. This means that online casinos offer welcome bonuses to players who visit their site and deposit money. If you carefully read the terms and conditions, this offer is worth considering. Reloaded bonuses are offered by many online casino gambling sites to attract more customers. Online players can check out what is on offer at the casino gambling site by taking advantage of these bonuses.

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    Online Casino Games: Attraction

    As the Internet grew and failed to benefit their industries, traditional gambling businesses remained on the sidelines. Inter Casino, a corporation, launched the first online casino in 1996. Many corporations began to rush to join the ranks of the first online casino after it had been released.

    One the most important online casino games

    Attractiveness can be turned into participation from anywhere. To play at casino games, you don’t need to travel to the location. Online gaming sites have gained popularity due to their ease of use and rapid growth. Online casino games allow people to enjoy gambling. Online casino games will provide so much enjoyment that you will find it almost impossible to stop playing. Online casino games are one of the best.

    There are hundreds of online games to choose from, so finding the right one for you can seem impossible. You can narrow down your search criteria to find the best casino games online. Before you start searching for reasons, it is important to determine which websites are legal and legitimate. Because everyone has different concerns about what an online casino should offer, it is difficult to pinpoint what makes an excellent online game.

    The casino online lead has been divided into different segments to make it easier for you to quickly find the sites you are most interested in. This casino channel is a great resource for anyone who loves gambling. Online sites also offer casino gaming volume, which includes casino tickets that will keep you cash.

    Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act

    It was much more difficult for USA online casinos to accept performers when the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act became a reality in 2006. It is false to say that online gambling casinos are now prohibited in the USA. You can still play in USA casinos even if you’re not from the USA. If you are able to play in USA casino, it will be a real dream come true.

    USA casinos are the home of site gamers. There are many casinos online that allow US players to play in high-quality casinos. Although the law regarding USA casinos online is different for every state, it doesn’t matter what rule applies to casino online games.

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    Online Slots Strategy: Debunking Popular Myths

    Online casinos offer the same slot games as land-based casinos, but there is no difference in their game play. Except for the rare older slot machine that may be kept in a land-based casino for nostalgia reasons, most slot games are digitally interfaced and computer chip based. One small and subtle difference is enough to attract slot enthusiasts to the online version of their favorite game. Online casinos often pay out higher payouts than land-based casinos. This is a small difference and typically only one percentage point. It is a fact that online casinos are more profitable than traditional brick and mortar casinos over the long-term. Because of this, players are choosing to find their online slots thrills at an online casino rather than visiting a brick-and-mortar casino. We decided to dispel some common myths and misconceptions about online slot machines, as the online casino has a growing customer base.

    Myth: Online casinos manipulate their slot gacor to pay at certain times. Payouts are also higher during high traffic periods. Truth: Online casinos must adhere to strict regulations and fair gaming laws. These are enforced by fair gaming commissions as well as organizations that regularly audit casinos to verify compliance with these standards. Online casinos could be held responsible for cheating their customers. They would not only be subject to legal consequences, but they would also lose their good name and will never be able compete with other online casino for business. This is not the best decision for the casino.

    Myth: It is unlikely that someone who has hit a jackpot on one particular slot machine will be able to win another. Truth: Online slots machines use a digital interface, which is powered by and managed via a computer microchip. The microchip technology generates many billions of combinations instantly after your first spin. Every combination you see when you spin is completely random. The microchip technology embedded in the microchip technology ensures this. Because the results of each spin can be manipulated randomly, it is possible to hit multiple winning combinations.

    Myth: A large payout is possible if a machine does not have a record of a jackpot win or high win. Truth: Every spin, the random number generator generates completely random results. It doesn’t remember any previous spins and it can’t predict what will happen in the next spins. It is completely random and operates on that basis. It cannot and will never use any pattern or equation to generate winning or losing spins. It is important to stress that every spin is random and independent from any previous spin.

    Myth: A player who wins a payout on their first spin will win the game. If they stay for another spin, the winner could have been the last person to participate in the game. Truth: It is impossible to determine this because of the random computing of RNG’s spin results. More random combinations are generated when someone logs in.

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    How to Win at Video Slot Machine – Video One-armed Bandit Tips

    If you wish to discover ideas on exactly how to win at video Slot Online CQ9 then read this. You will discover video clip fruit machine pointers that will allow you win extra earnings while playing slots.

    It is natural for gambling establishment players to play vending machine to double their cash. There is no precise trick to win in slot machines. You can just learn how to enhance your chances of winning large. Below are some ideas on exactly how you can efficiently in video clip slots and also earn lots of instantaneous cash money.

    There are hundreds and even countless one-armed bandit inside the gambling establishment. A few of these are doing well in terms of payouts and some may have challenging probabilities in winning. So that you can enhance your opportunities of winning big, you have to recognize how to select a well performing maker. The basic guideline is when the machine is programed to give out a larger reward reward, that device is expected to have more difficult probabilities for winning. Of course, it is all-natural for casinos to establish tough probabilities for equipments with bigger reward prizes to make sure that the gambling establishments will likewise be able to gain revenues.

    By stating this, it is a good idea to select an equipment that offers the most effective payments minimal than the leading reward. There are many well carrying out slots that will certainly permit you to regularly win in small amounts. This makers are always considered far better than those with larger pots yet more difficult probabilities due to the fact that it will allow you maximize your earnings when you win at video ports often.

    Progressive video ports are the most effective examples of devices which are bad to play with. The winning percentage for these devices is really reduced. This is because every bet in dynamic equipments is contributed to the reward reward. All progressive fruit machine are adjoined with various other devices in the gambling enterprise. In some cases, these are even linked to the machines in other online casinos. You don’t actually need to stay clear of these sorts of machines. It is a reality that winning in this machine can be life changing. So, you can play with various other devices, yet, make sure to allot some amounts from your money set aside for playing in modern fruit machine.

    When talking about good paying machines, the most effective examples are the non-progressive video clip vending machine. These may have minimal quantities when it concerns prize prizes but these can guarantee you of a constant opportunities of winning. This is because non-progressive ports are independent from various other makers. So, if you want to win at video slots with bigger gathered cash prizes, then select the non-progressive slot machines.

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    Winning The Prediksi Togel game and also What To Do When You Win

    There are a lot of individuals that play the Prediksi Togel game, however not many individuals that have the ability to win the lotto. Many gamers have actually won sometimes, which shows they have actually obtained an ability for the lottery game system. Several multiple-lottery winners have systems for winning.

    A lot of individuals could extremely well get a ticket and win some cash money, as well as take the cash they won as well as call it a day. That is not actually the most effective technique to use, as constant lotto game victors have actually discovered. In the event you play $1 as well as win $20, it’s necessary to place the entire twenty bucks that you have actually recovered into the lottery to give you an opportunity at winning a larger reward. Utilizing this technique, if you end up shedding, you will have in fact just shed that a person initial buck that you utilized to get that first ticket. This system has offered some lucky victors numerous trips to the lottery game reward workplace. Utilizing your earnings to purchase even more tickets will help decrease your actual understood losses, similar to if you buy a stock and also it decreases your loss is not recognized till you leave that stock.

    For constant losers, as well as a great deal of us will certainly be at one time or another, it calls for much more than dedication to get over the obstacles to prosper in the lottery game. Think about the lotto game as though it were your task. Do not wait to apply even more hours to comprehending lotto video game likelihoods, to additional boost your success. Betting with an educated method produces an enhanced opportunity of winning bigger prizes.

    Some state that you must treat the lotto like you should practically any other investment, as opposed to a game of pure chance. You simply aren’t going to simply play a ticket occasionally and provide on your own a likelihood to win whenever you play the lottery game. You should put cash into an excellent lottery system to be able to have any kind of sensible possibility at succeeding with the lotto game.

    Lots of lotto game champions have invested all of their winnings and also ended up insolvent and without a residence. It is necessary likewise to know what to do when you win the lottery. If you bet suitably, and also do not spend a lot of your jackpots, you will certainly not need to bother concerning having any type of problems to your earnings. You could want to get a few points, clearly, but do not invest all of your payouts.

    Spend some of your payouts, along with taking several of it to re-invest into your lotto game financial investments. It is a great suggestion not to discard your losing tickets. When you win the lotto game, you can utilize the cost of every one of those non-winning lottery game tickets to aid counter any taxes you might have to spend for the money that you have acquired from your lottery earnings. A couple of tax obligations may be taken out when you win, nonetheless it is not generally not a sufficient amount, as well as you do not want to owe the Internal Revenue Service if you have had a number of big lotto payouts.

    Whenever you play the lottery, you should utilize good sense. Those who play the game more, have certainly increased the probability of success. You shouldn’t invest any type of money that you require for requirements, however. Your opportunities aren’t mosting likely to be any much better if you purchase even more tickets, nevertheless it does not hurt to buy more lotto tickets as long as that money is not committed to your regular obligations.

    To win the largest of the lotto jackpots, it’s a must to far better the probabilities in your favor. If you are a completely devoted lotto bettor, it is possible to take much more actions to have a better probabilities with prospering. You might utilize computer applications that examine one of the most likely winning numbers that you can play. Nevertheless it does not make a difference whose systems you utilize or specifically what applications you use, there certainly has not been a guaranteed method to win the lottery.

    Your probabilities of winning the several state lottery games like the Power-ball in the United States is roughly one in One hundred twenty million, so playing only one video game a week will never ensure that you will win anything. Nonetheless life teems with danger, so you shouldn’t allow the odds frighten you away. As the stating goes, someone is mosting likely to win, and so it may also be you. Keep favorable after you discover how to win the lotto game much more regularly as it is only an issue of time for you to strike the large one.

    Choosing lucky numbers that are relevant to you is a great method to far better your opportunity to win. Have confidence in your self when you acquire your lottery game tickets, and also utilize figures that you’re most likely positive concerning. One more technique that lots of people make use of that is not good for winning is with playing a typical day, because that limits the possibility you’ll have to win by limiting the numbers you can select from. You may win using that technique, however the days and months are typically utilized, as well as you may need to divide the reward with other people who played the same numbers.

    Lottery game pools offer you a possibility to win money without having to invest as much. A pool is where a team of individuals place cash in to acquire numerous tickets simultaneously, considerably boosting the possibilities that you have to win. Plenty of organizations and other teams of people have lotto pools. You will certainly need to share the cash with the other pool participants in the event you win, yet you’re going to get an obviously far better likelihood of winning than if you simply play a few tickets by yourself.

    When the lottery game’s leading prize is uncommonly huge, much more people purchase tickets, so it will certainly be far more vital that you commit a greater amount of money in that week’s lottery, if your financial circumstance enables it. Choose the suitable games to join must you desire to enhance your possibility of being successful. Study the odds on every one of the lottery games prior to determining what one to play. State lotteries, instead of multi-state lottos, usually have a lower quantity of entrances, because you have to remain in that state when you purchase your tickets.

    If you see a lottery ticket that someone else has left behind, pick it up. It really is well worth the hassle it requires to check its numbers and see if it is a winner. That ticket may additionally be eligible momentarily opportunity illustration.

    Always make certain that you inspect and also reconsider your numbers on your tickets whenever you are examining to find out whether or not you shed. Exactly how would certainly you really feel if you had the winning ticket yet did not declare it because you erroneously believed it was a loser? And also if your tickets did not win in that specific illustration, they might still be able to be become part of a 2nd possibility illustration.

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    Playing primerplay For Fun

    Why has poker caught so much interest from people of all races, age groups and also social classes? What does it offer to people that they may stay awake all night playing? And also why would some even invest big quantity of cash and also never ever think twice to keep on playing every evening?

    Online primerplay could be rather addicting similar to any kind of type of gambling. This generally captures the rate of interest of individuals that enjoy taking a lot threats, with the probability of them winning big time. However greater than money, there are other points that might be attracting people to play it as well as get hooked.

    By having to take threats, the fun of playing casino poker is multiplied. Gamers get to concentrate and also think of strategies. Different techniques might apply and difficult choices need to be made in every single round. One would certainly try to read someone else’s mind. While the various other would try to hide what they are believing by showing a blank feeling, thus the term “impassivity.” The privacy of your cards is your toughest protection. No matter how wonderful or powerful your cards combination may be, when you easily give them in with your expressions, it will certainly not have the ability to work well for you. Discover to be poker faced so your challengers will not be given a clue. Mind your stance initially prior to minding your cards, never let your feelings threaten your way to winning big.

    As it is a wager, good luck is one element that no one can ever before mark down. You can constantly obtain fortunate as well as win easily. But for those who do not have sufficient appeals for good luck, then you really need to be even more calculated. That is where the obstacle starts.

    Another good thing concerning online poker is that you can play it with at least one challenger to as numerous as 8. There can actually be that much that can play and also this includes even more to the fun. If one enjoys threats, after that he enjoys to be up with more people that can test his tricks and whose approaches he can beat. And also the longer they play, the more it comes to be interesting. It is as if excavating deeper as well as deeper to your opponents’ tricks in every round you play.

    Online poker has also developed via time to keep pace with exactly how the generations alter in preference. If prior to it is being played only in online casinos, it at some point came to be extra enticing for personal parties’ task. It has actually obtained rate of interest not simply from entrepreneurs and also socialites yet slowly, also from young professionals as well as also college young boys. And also with the innovation of technology in digital gaming, poker has actually welcomed more and more fanatics, as it can now be played online. Not only men yet also the women are currently right into on-line having fun via several sites that hold playing texas hold’em for enjoyable.

    Be it for serious betting or playing for fun, online poker will always be a video game of mind, concealing emotions and also risk-taking. If you are weak to either of these, then you can just hand out your chance of winning. What is very important is that when you play, you play clean. And also if there will certainly be something at risk, believe harder. You need to just use the amount that you can willingly pay; for the fun can quickly collapse when you find yourself broke and deeply in-debt after playing.

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    How to play against yourself at a poker tournament

    Recently, I was able to take part in a few poker tournaments. Although I have had a nice $3,000 cash, I was unable to finish 21st or 24th in two of three tournaments.

    I’ve been so focused on playing ABC Poker with just a few moves added that I have forgotten to play against myself.

    What does it mean “Play against the players and not your cards”?

    You know that I believe it is important to play against the opponent rather than playing your cards.

    You can simply say “playing against the IDN POKER players” by evaluating the range of hands your opponent holds, and then playing against him using his bets and his table image, and the board against him. This is essentially representing a hand that could get your opponent folding.

    One simple example: A player who raises too often pre-flop and always follows up with a c bet when his hand does not improve on the flip. This player is in position. You raise when he calls the flop.

    It is easier said than done. It’s much easier to do this live when the stacks are thick.

    What does it mean “Play against yourself?”

    All poker players should learn how to play good poker. Pre-flop play is better than ever. They are able to identify the “right” cards for pre-flop play in terms of position and bet size. These same players end up waiting for big hands forever.

    These players must play against each other. They need to play against themselves.

    Example: A tight player is someone who has been waiting for a big start and hasn’t moved yet. It is time to move, raise pre-flop with any of the two cards you have or re-raise a frequent raiser. If a player has a large hand, you won’t see any action. This isn’t often.

    This is also true for players who frequently raise pre-flop. You need to change your game. Slow down, maybe even fold once in a while, so your opponents won’t be afraid of your raises the next time you enter the pot.


    Most players still believe that “Tight, aggressive” is how to play in a poker tournament. Survival is key.

    This thinking is fine as an initial point.

    You might also want to add another element to your game. You can play “Loose and aggressive” if you haven’t been playing in tournaments for a while. If you notice that you have suited connectors such as 6-5 in an earlier position, you can raise like you have pocket Aces. If the small blind is limping against your big blind, raise even if you have 7-2 offsuit.

    Once you feel your image has changed you can always go back to your “Tight and aggressive” style.

    You will make your opponents more difficult by mixing things up.

    Since I was a teenager, I made the mistake of waiting too long before mixing things up. It has meant that I have had the to make a decision with either good or poor hands and hope for better. I need to be more open and try new things.

    My thinking has changed from when I was playing these events to when I am away. Although I find it easier to beat my opponents in the first round, I’ve forgotten that risk is good.

    Best of luck!